Implementing a marketing automation solution to grow your business and save time



Kathryn Skopal

Business and Marketing Automation, Infusionsoft Certified Partner



Wednesday, November 29th



12:00 PM - 2:00 PM

(lunch included)



Level 5, Toowong Tower

9 Sherwood Road




$49 (incl lunch)


until 8th November Early Bird Price


Only 15 Seats Available!

Optimise your business

With today's technology, SMEs can compete with large multinationals, and that's why we have organised this business lunch and learn.

Combining Marketing and Business Automation may sound difficult, but it is one of the simplest and one of the most effective strategies you can implement that will yield immediate and lasting results. A well organised automated system could optimise your workflows, staff, sales and productivity.

What are the tools and skill sets required to enable this better experience?

Join me as we tackle marketing automation and its role in raising the bar for the digital experience of your customers.

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What You'll Learn

The world of marketing and business automation can be a scary one, but a well organised automated system could optimise your workflows, staff, sales and productivity.


Delve into Marketing Automation and the benefits


What's included in automation applications and what to look for when implementing your program


What to use automation for in your business


Learn about the customer lifecycle and how having your solid foundation grows your business.

What is Marketing Automation?

We'll introduce you to the automation landscape and how different programs can benefit different businesses, but what to look out for when actually implementing a system for you business.

What's the value of Marketing Automation?

If you could increase overall sales, shorten the sales cycle, reduce human error, improve your customer experience and automate repetitive tasks, wouldn't you?

What's your customer lifecycle look like?

Where do you generate interest from, how do you capture your leads? What's happens when they've converted, do you wow them with your process and reengage them over time? Or leave them because you've got better things to do.

Where to start your automation journey?

It's not all about features, you need to understand your customer lifecycle and your main goals.


Kathryn Skopal

Kathryn is the founder of Keeping Life Simple which allows small businesses to automate processes. Leading them to have more time and increased sales. Business automation is growing, we specialise in utilising marketing and business technologies to provide your business with the change it needs.



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